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EnjoyMyMedia offers a free personal broadcasting system that is the safest, simplest way to share your life and stay regularly connected to your friends and family. Private NetcastingTM broadcasts your personal multimedia--photos, videos, audios, docs, any file--over the Internet in live, private channels to your friends & family. You simply save files; they (and only they) just click links. Finally, you can take all those unshared pictures and videos collecting virtual dust on your hard drive and all of your little Einstein's art, awards & accomplishments on your refrigerator door, and safely and simply share them with your friends and family for free. Netcasting is: * Private: Only your friends and family can receive your media and only from within a Netcast Channel (not a public Web site). * Simple: You save files, they click links. It's automatic and invisible so there’s no tedious manual uploading of files. * Unlimited, multi-media: Video, photos, mp3's, docs ... any & all files in unlimited quantities. * Live: The current version is always shared. * Web media too: Share online videos, songs & pages also. * Directed: Specific Channels go to specific people (Mom receives your Joke Channel while your best friend gets your Sports Channel). * Tell stories: Just like a TV network programmer who decides which show goes on 1st, 2nd & 3rd, you can decide the order of the media in your Channels. So you can sequence them to tell a story and be sure that the video of folks yelling 'Surprise!' comes before the photos of the birthday presents. * Free: Completely free to you and your friends & family. It's as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Save, modify or delete files in a Windows folder you are Netcasting. 2. Your Netcast Channel updates automatically in Yahoo, Google, Vista, IE7, AOL, and many others. 3. Without installing software, your friends and family can enjoy your always current media http://www.enjoymymedia.com/


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