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EzRecorder is a new leading-edge audio recording software having several major advantages over its competitors. First of them is our innovative technology to record live broadcasts, it lets to playback already recorded sound, while the recording process is going on. It is useful when recording important audio broadcasts or Internet radio and want to pause it or listen to what was played several minutes ago. The pause/play is absolutely seamless for a user, not even a sound bit gets lost. The second main advantage is our technology, which allows recording sound directly from a sound card of a computer, so the process is perfect digital quality. Every sound that is played on a computer is under control now, it is easy to start recording and capturing: - all sounds of a gaming process - lovely melodies heard when surfing through the web - all business and other private voice conversations from software like Skype or MSN - streaming broadcasts - Internet radio - audio recorded in proprietary audio formats (as long as there is a respective player) - audio from external devices like a guitar, a microphone, a tape recorder - karaoke singing with the possibility to mix microphone input to the background music EzRecorder has the built-in media player for Internet radio and an embedded database of 2100+ radio stations, which can be filtered by a country and/or genre, so it is easy to find the favorite station. A user is free of a special sound recording knowledge, all should be done: - plug a device to record from to a sound card - start the software to record from - push the Record button All is easy as 1-2-3 The program's interface is intuitive and is rather simple to manage with. Various settings allow adjusting the recording process. After recording sound may be saved into popular audio formats (WMA, AAC, MP3, OGG) with the possibility to specify wide range of compression options and ID3 tags.

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