EMULive Active Theatre

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Picks up all the live or prerecorded action from EMULive Servers. 20 Channel 'surfable' remote control offers online and offline dialing directories, high-speed broadcast recording & playback with fast-forward/rewind, text chat, encryption, file transfer, HDTV style video aspect ratio, VU meter, volume controls and much more. Video viewport is fully resizable and can be blown up full screen at any resolution. Requires a 8MB Pentium PC with Windows95 or WindowsNT. 16-BITsound card, MMX CPU and accelerated video hardware are recommended, but are not required. Operates at 1200bps to 2Mbps+ over TCP/IP networks including LAN's, WAN's, Intranets and the Internet. On a mid-range PC, Active Theatre is capable of playing back at 30FPS with near-CD quality synchronized sound.

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