ECPSoft ImagePlus DirectShow Filter

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ECPSoft ImagePlus DirectShow Filter is an image overlay filter. You can use this filter for adding logo of your company to video stream. Functionality: Image insertion in video stream frame. Image positioning in frame. Image transparent color control. Supported video stream formats: RGB565 RGB555 RGB32 RGB24 YUY2 YUV12 Control interface: Image is passed to the filter using bitmap bits buffer, image parameters are defined in contiguous BITMAPINFO structure. In addition initial position (XY ordinates of the upper-left image corner) and transparent color could be set in this initialization. Image positioning in frame is carried out by setting XY ordinates of the upper-left image corner. Image transparent color can be changed during video playback. Image visibility is set by logical parameter <"on" = true | "off" = false>. Image control interface is supported by ImagePlus property page dialog.


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