Digital TV 2050

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Digital TV 2050 is the future of Television brought to you today. Watch hundreds of TV channels, listen to hundreds of radio stations from around the world. All you need is your PC and no extra hardware. You can watch TV on a second monitor while working on another. Features: -Absolutely FREE. -Supports multi-monitors. -Uses cutting-edge technology to deliver quality content. -Streamed Television to your PC. No dish - No cable. -Extensive list of channels in this version. -Display modes: mini , normal or full screen. -News, entertainment , music, sports, shopping, languages, learning, culture name it and it's there. -An even bigger list of channels in next release (TV, radio, Webcams, Netcams...). -We'll even tell you when the next release is available -Another Cool product by EndicoSoft. -Register with us and we'll entertain you.


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