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Pre-flight check PDF files online via a web browser or with the PrintSure desktop droplet for free against the Ghent PDF Workgroup, Australian 3DAP or UK Pass4press compliant settings with the Dev Zero G PrintSure service. Check files without uploading them to a remote server, on your local machine before sending them out. PrintSure will show you where the problems are within your file, and fix some of them automatically. Amongst other things PrintSure can show you areas - not pixels - that have been over-inked within the PDF. Page size, bleed presence and amount, ICC profiles, image resolution, common font problems can all be identified before the PDF file enters production, catching the problems at source. PrintSure is also available as a server software solution and ships with unlimited desktop client and web-browser pre-flight check client licences. The server version also has powerful features to capture job details through a job ticket form, and can integrate into your workflow through custom scripts. The server also notifies users via email about incoming files as well as confirming delivery to a sender. Distribution of the desktop client software is automated through email and web-based installation, which means that large numbers of customers can be supported almost completely autonomously. The PrintSure server can automate PDF workflows even further, making it possible to have completely automated workflows from start to finish, including job booking and receipt from the customer. Be sure to read more about PrintSure at the Dev Zero G website.


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