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D'Accord Keyboard Method is a multimedia course, for Windows, specially developed for beginners that wants to play keyboard and piano. Its practical approach, makes the learning process fun and easy. It's also useful for those who stopped playing for a long time and now wants to start playing again. The method gives you all the theory support needed to develop your musical creativity. You'll quickly know the basic concepts of music and play your first songs. The content is presented with animations and exercises, so you can accompany the course playing on your own instrument. The information is clear and focused, you will easily get involved into the art of playing music! Table of contents below: History and important notions about the keyboard: Chapter 1: How to use this course Chapter 2: Learning about your instrument Chapter 3: Useful items for your instrument. Chapter 4: How to choose your own instrument? Learning the theory: chapter 5: Now we gonna start speaking about music! Here we will start the theory part of the course. You will learn the notes of each key, and will start training your musical perception. Chapter 6: Writing music. You will see how fun it is to write and read scores Chapter 7: A little practice. Chapter 8: Learning the musical notes. Discover what is the meaning of each symbol on the staff Chapter 9: Improving the writing Learning to Play: Chapter 10: First song! We will start with Silent Night Chapter 11: Exercises to improve the technique. Chapter 12: One more song! A Classical song: Beethoven's 9th. Symphony. Chapter 13: Working with the left hand Chapter 14: Playing with both hands. Chapter 15: Increasing our repertoire. At the end of this course you will have a nice repertoire to play to everybody! You will play - with audio support and rolling score - famous songs like: - Beethoven's 9th. Symphony - Silent Night - Happy birthday to you - Funiculi - Fake Plastic Trees - Bolero

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