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Taking advantage of revolutionary DVD copying software will surely allow you more time to enjoy high quality videos, burned right of the original DVDs. With DVD-Ranger 2.7.8, you can copy your favorite videos effortlessly and at the same time you have unlimited access to unique features. We are sure that features such as the ones below will convince you that DVD-Ranger is the only solution if you want top DVD copies on BluRay or mobile devices: - The HotFix Manager function, for instant fixes of the newest DVDs; - Amazing Physxtech technology, featuring a high quality recompressing engine; - DVD-to-mobile copying, on your IPod, PSP, Zune or your computer hard drive; - Copy up to 10 standard movies from DVDs to a BluRay disk; - Region code handling and many more - PS3 XMB Single File Output Here is one thing that you'll never find in the existing old-fashioned DVD copying application: the amazing HotFix Manager, a unique utility specifically designed to help you generate a HotFix Database which enables DVD-Ranger to copy even the newest DVD releases with no need to upgrade. Also check out the new Physxtech engine which is responsible for the stunning quality by using its algorithm which searches for the physically correct motion and reduces compression artefacts visibly. You may convice yourself that Physxtech delivers the best quality above all other applications by visiting the quality labs section on our website and looking for the quality comparison with our rivals. Moreover, DVD-Ranger is easy to use and you can even create custom DVDs. It comes with a simple, yet very useful DVD player to preview the DVD tracks before you copy them or during the burning process. In record time, our DVD-Ranger will deliver the best DVD video output and help you avoid the expensive and time-consuming classic burners. We think that the DVD-Ranger actually promotes a new philosophy to DVD burning. The results speak for themselves; all you have to do is try it!


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