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CoralPic Photo Show can help put up photos with fancy frames on your desktop, like the way you hang up photos on the wall. Many people have tens of hundreds of digital photos, some are pictures of themselves taken with digital camera, some are pictures of favored stars and animated GIFs. With CoralPic Photo Show, you can easily put up these photos on your desktop, just like the way you hang up a drawing on the wall. One of the beauties using CoralPic is that you don't need to change computer's wallpaper. And what's more? You can also add up fancy photo frames and display animated effects. Just a few clicks, photos with frames are hung up on your desktop. CoralPic allows you to move, resize photos and display animation effects. A lot of fancy photo frames are provided. For those photos with single colored background like those of stars downloaded from the web, you can use the Blue Screen Imaging tool to remove the background, making stars look in harmony with the desktop. In short, CoralPic Photo Show makes it possible for you to view your favored photos on the desktop at anytime. Features: -Creating fantastic photo animation on your desktop -Fancy photo frames created by professional artists -Creating GIF animations on the desktop -Blue screen imaging tool for remove background, perfect for stars' photos edit -Tools for brightness, contrast and Gamma value adjust -Grayscale conversion -Photo blurring and sharpness enhancement -Photo rotation -Photo resizing -Photo moving -Printing -Saving as a file and email to a friend -History memory of opened files

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