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ColorDabbler is an all-purpose tool for dabbling with color schemes, and outputting web pages or color values for use in other software programs. *It can be used to visualize paint jobs around your home, for both interior and exterior paint jobs. *You can use it to create and edit color palettes for use in other popular paint programs. *You can use it to design basic web pages, with 4 different frame styles to choose from. *You can use it as an eyedropper tool to sample colors from your desktop. *You can use it as a fullscreen color swatch viewer for maximum color viewing. *You can use it to copy color values to the clipboard for use in c++, visual basic, html and java scripts. *You can use it to output color lists to your printer, picture or word processor, complete with color names, values, and color swatches. *Automatic calculation of analogous, triad and complementary color values as well as a selection of colors from the color wheel with the same hue and saturation as your chosen color! Total control over analogous color spread. Total control over the triadic harmonies. *Numerous ways of modifying colors so you can find the color you want. *RGB, HSB and CMYK sliders. ColorDabbler works with color values such as RGB, HSB, CMYK, Visual Basic, C++, Java and integer, which can all be outputted to printer, picture, word processor or clipboard. If you're a web designer, or a computer artist, an interior decorator, or are simply looking for color scheme ideas, then you'll find ColorDabbler to be a very useful tool.


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