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A high performance and high quality movie viewer based on DirectShow/COM for Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95. Cinematograph displays DVD, MPEG, Video Compact Disc, Super Video Compact Disc, AVI, Windows Media Video and QuickTime movies on a black background meaning no other pictures, windows will disturb the movies shown. You have the option for resizing the movies on the fly - if you love movies the widescreen format 16:9 is just for you - enter your own movie theater. You can collect your movies in a collection and set different options for each movie: Size, rating, alias name. Further you have an option for parental control, where you can specify from where your children can view movies ( folders, CD-ROM and DVD discs ). An autosearch option gives your the possibility to search harddisks, CD-discs for movies supported by Cinematograph, the search result can be inserted directly into a movie collection. Cinematograph is designed around a VCR-control with the well known play, pause, stop etc. for easy handling of movies. The design of the program makes it very user-friendly - and under the hood the advanced features of the Cinematograph engine and the DirectShow engine is running silently, ensuring you can enjoy your movies.


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