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The principle of action bases on WEB-camera real time survey and record video or snapshots when will be any movement. Visual motion indicator will help set sensitivity level. The user interface is very simple. Calls by any modem, mobile phones, Skype, emails, play sound and etc. Features: Support any WEB-cameras and any video capture cards. Motion detection by camera. Dialing 1-5 telephone numbers in case of pickup. Visual motion indicator. Silent dialing by modem, cell phone. Playing different sounds (sirens). Remote listening (only voice modems), always or just after motion detection. Phone (modem) dialing unit. Skype Dialing unit. new Recording sound on the disk in case of system alarm (from 1 minute till 1 hour). Recording snapshots or video to the disk. Call to mobile telephones, long-distance telephony (including international). Remote listening from any telephone. Remote playing siren and exit program. Support Mobile (cell) phone as modem over cable or bluetooth connection on 1-4 COM port.

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