CD Stomper

Multimedia and Graphics
CD Players
  • Developer: Brute Force Entertainment
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Apart from the usual CD controls, CD Stomper includesmultiple CD device support, and direct access to each track makes it easy to jump to your favourite tune. CD Stomper also has the ability of showing elapsed/remaining track time, and saves its position on each shutdown in order to reappear in the same position on next startup. The fur wardrobe lets you completely customize the look, layout and size of CD Stomper with graphical themes for the user interface; download furs from our website or create your own. CD Stomper fully supports CDPLAYER.INI. Stomp the Troll moves to the music, and you can even create your own animations. Hide it by clicking on the system tray icon, which also has a convenient pop-up menu. A full on-line help isincluded.

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