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You can control the process of a flash file at your pleasure by mouse drag-drop click. It support play list playing, search flash file from a destination folder, search flash file from IE cache. Also, three play modes: continuous play of single file, continuous play of'Now playing list' Files and auto run are supported, four view mode: Full Screen, theatre mode, full client window mode and original size view mode. And you can adjust the play sequence by mouse drag-drop click, and sort item by click the column header. BabyFlash Flash Player have many other function such as file format convert between exe and swf, extract music(mp3),extract picture(jpg), picture capture,remove swf file protection. They all can be done by mass. You can view the Flash detail infamation such as size, Frame rate, Frame Number,Movie size and so on.You can copy, rename , save as, and send the Flash by Email. Also, BabyFlash can create Screen Saver. BabyFlash has another function: Close the babyFlash or shutdown the system by timer. It's designed for children. Plug-in of Macromedia Shockwave Flash must be installed before run the BabyFlash Flash Player.

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