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Create, Edit, Send, Store, Manage Voice Messages Dictation: create, edit, send, store and manage voice messages, as an alternative to typed emails, or to enrich and personalize your written messages. Meeting: use Azam to prepare agendas, record proceedings and distribute copies to attendees and interested parties instantly. Meeting recordings can be protected, categorized and stored for easy retrieval. Telephone: record telephone conversations with family, friends, associates and suppliers. Note: in most countries you are obliged to inform the other party that you are recording a phone call. Diary: use your voice, rather than a pen, as a memory jogger for ideas, activities and tasks in the future, as well as your own personal daily record to keep or share with your friends. Notes: 30 day trial has all the features of the registered version. Close the registration dialog to use Azam. Through charities, registered disabled users can obtain free registration. Voice modem is required to record using the Phone feature.


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