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What can you do with the downloaded MP3, WMA or OGG files? You only can play them on your PC. AudioRight Burner is such a CD-burning software that can convert MP3 files to conventional Audio CD with several easy steps. You can burn your favorite songs to CDs so you can listen them in your home or car stereo CD player - AudioRight Burner writes MP3, OGG, WMA and other audio files On-the-Fly as an audio disc. No additional temporary disc space is required Save your more time - Supports use of high write speeds and HSCD-RW(10x-12x) Every one can use it without learning - Easy to use with intuitive user interface and drag-drop feature DVD-RW are supported - Works easily with IDE CD-RW or DVD-RW recorders Advanced buffer system - Multithread buffering system No worry about running short of buffer when burning - Supports BURN-PROOF for error free recording You can play the file before you burn it really - Built-in pretty mini player More drivers are supported - USB Drives are supported. No the third party files required - ASPI not required for NT/2000/XP.

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