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AudioManage extends Windows and adds a powerful audio library to any Windows app, offering a completely novel way of managing audio. It has a powerful, unicode mp3 id3 tag editor as well (also for wma, ogg etc.), and can handle tags of the format ID3, Vorbis, WM/* etc, and files like MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG, AAC, M3U, WPL etc. Unlike other similar programs, the virtual folders views of AudioManage are REAL to Windows, and can be browsed in any Windows app - no need to run any separate program to use the library - even right in the File->Open dialog box of any application. All standard Windows shortcuts (cut, copy, paste, delete etc.) work, even when the library is used from inside Windows Explorer! You can manage not only files on your computer, but also on the network, removable drives, mp3 players, ipod etc.: anything that has a filename and path can be added to the library. It also indexes AudioCDs, and can retrieve CD covers and album & track information from online sources. AudioManage fully supports Unicode, not just in tags, but also in it's filenames. You can also update album and track information from the web, without any typing! Remove duplicates by name, or even by audio data! The built-in Search finds files quickly, and stores your query as a folder for later use. These folders are 'live', and re-run whenever they are opened, always giving you updated results. Playlists can be created with a single click, or drag & drop. All management (including tagging!) can be with drag & drop, and it's possible to burn to CD by dragging! The Loan Manager lets you keep a track of lent as well as borrowed CDs. Track who's borrowed what, and for how long. You can even send a mail or IM directly to the person. Smallest download, and lowest price in it's category! Excellent support is offered via web forums, emails, and in some cases, even telephone! [A reviewer's guide is available at]


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