Alparysoft Cleaner for Amateur Video

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This product is created for the processing of the amateur video - for example, recorded on the home video equipment or inputted into the PC from TV-tuner or from TV-in of video card. It removes the interlace effect from video and reduces its noise level. The product incorporates the advanced technologies in the field of noise reduction and the unique algorithm of the removing of the interlace effect. You just load your video into the Alparysoft Cleaner for Amateur Video and get a possibility to compare the source and improved versions of your video simultaneously using two demonstration windows, you can control the process in real-time by changing settings. Our product allows to save cleaned version of video as a separate file. Our product is based on the original algorithm of interlace effect removing. Many algorithms existing today attempt to interpolate the image. Unfortunately, techniques of that kind result in losing up to 50% of the initial video information - this means that half of the efforts you made while shooting your video were in vain. Our method is based on the motion estimation algorithm taken from MPEG techniques. In our product this algorithm is used TO FIND the displaced objects and restore the frames without losing any original information.


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