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Sit back and relax! All Media Show allows you to watch your pictures, video and listen to your audio files anywhere on your computer, even if embedded in documents or archives. With All Media Show you can decide of the quality of your show by deciding the minimum file size of your Media and discard unwanted Media formats. You can define the speed between media in you show and view the Media in a random fashion if you desire. After pausing the show you can browse for Media manually, and change the settings of the show before restarting. All Media Show can be started by right-clicking a folder or zip file. It will explore folders and sub-folders, search for Media in Microsoft Office documents, zip archives. All Media Show currently support the following Office documents: - PowerPoint presentations - Word documents - Excel Workbooks In the following Office versions: - 97 - 2000 - XP - 2003 All Media Show supports the following media formats: wmv, avi, mpg, bmp, jpeg, gif, wav, bmp, wmf... All Media Show includes the Microsoft .NET framework allowing it to run on the following Windows platforms: - 98/ME - NT 4.0 - 2000 - XP - 2003 If you do have the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 installed go to our website ( to get a smallerTrial Version Setup without the framework


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