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Ai Picture Utility (AiPICT) views, edits, enhances, manages and organizes photos -- plays multimedia too. It is designed for speed and simplicity; novices will avoid learning curves while professionals will appreciate powerful batch image processing and conversion capabilities. Included Batch UnZipper extracts multiple ZIPs unattended + batch rename, move and delete. Its Slide Album can quickly find and thumbnail entire drives (or offline volumes on CD or DVD) and organize images by visual content to find modified duplicates -- aside from database queries by date, size, keyword ... Our proprietary Image Analysis routines can quantify and rank picture quality. Create impressive slideshows (or presentations) with 173 cool effects, variable delays, windows-in-windows, gamma, background, rotation, comments and other properties (per slide). Our speedy viewer is unmatched; includes gamma, widescreen, zooming, fit-to-window options. JPEG Wizard creates tiny, high-quality files. Aside from standard cut and paste functions, its grid and viewport makes collage creation effortless. Image tools include EXIF camera + JPEG comments; red eye removal; TWAIN cameras, scanners; instant wallpaper; variably-sized prints; smooth resizing; rotate-by-degree; screen capture; descreening; borders, image text (with variables), automatic color correction, unique smoothing and sharpening functions -- all of which can combine in vast sequences to fix (e.g., backlighting, over-exposure, under-exposure) or enhance any image (e.g., glamour photography). Advanced filters include variable equalization + normalization, unsharp mask, histogram, masked bitmap operations, remapping, contrast enhancement and restoration, ... Formats supported: PNG, PhotoCD, Photoshop, BMP, PCX, TGA, WMF, DCX, Multi-page TIF (w/ anti-aliasing for easy reading), MP3, WAV, AVI, MPEG, MIDI, CD audio, WMV, WMA, ASF, ... more !


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