AIPL WarmTone

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Add 24-bit analog warmth and compression to your digital audio and make your music HOT! Forget about spending your money on expensive, analog equipment to produce a warm sound before digitally recording your music. AIPL WarmTone allows you to apply the same analog warmth and compression to music recorded directly on the PC. By simulating analog tapes and tubes, it means no more waiting for tubes to warm-up or hassling with worn out tape reels and analog hiss. Plus you get that distinctive, full tube sound! WarmTone applies tube-like warmth and tape-like compression to any instrument. Building on years of research, and analog tube and tape analysis, WarmTone is in a league of its own. Its proprietary algorithm is a major departure from conventional thinking, and based on psychoacoustics and efficient digital signal processing. To prove just how superior WarmTone is to other tube and tape simulators on the market, we urge you to compare. That's how sure we are you'll conclude WarmTone is the best! It is best to record digital audio at a low level with no saturation, and then increase the level with WarmTone. WarmTone can not only produce guitar distortion, but also increase the level of vocals above the mix, increase the level of the whole mix, and harmonically expand the mix before converting it to MP3, Windows Media Audio or Apple iTunes/iPod (i.e. AAC) audio, thus, improving the final sound quality.


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