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BCPix is a easy-to-use tool for viewing, browsing and managing images and videos. You can easily grab picture shots from videos and cut areas from images and videos. It can also be used like a simple screensaver that shows your images. 30 supported file formats, such as JPEG/JPG,GIF,BMP,ICO,WMF,LuraWave,AVI,MPEG/MPG,WindowsMedia,RealMedia,QuickTime and more. Some feaures of ABCPix : - easy-to-use interface - thumbnails preview of images and videos in folder - grab picture shots from video - save every image format to BMP - image capture in clipboard - zoom and fit-to-window functions - files print, copy, move, rename, delete - desktop wallpaper commands - automatic image/video change with user timed loop - drag & drop support - extensive keyboard shortcuts

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