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CD to MP3 Maker is accomplished in ripping CD, converting WAV files to MP3 files, converting MP3 files to WAV files, and so on. There are three respective settings dialog of CD, MP3 and WAVE. You may change the options of CD, MP3 and WAVE easily as you like. It supports automatic volume normalization. It's fast, easy to use and powerful. By changing CD, MP3 and WAVE settings, you may make a selection between speed and quality. Key Features: 1. Rip CD -- It grabs from digital CD audio's tracks and saves them to files of MP3 or WAVE format. 2. It can convert MP3 files to WAVE files and WAVE files to MP3 files. 3. Automatically normalizes MP3s(WAVs) to consistent volume level 4. CD, MP3 and WAV settings may be customed respectively. 5. It's small, easy to use and all 32-bit Windows supported.

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