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With 1-More PhotoCalendar it is easy to create individual photo calendars of high quality. Within minutes you can create a complete calendar of your last summer vacation. Or create an art calendar containing the best pictures produced by your digital camera. Of course you can also just design a single page with your own photo as a very special present. Many easy-to-use functions will help you make your calendar a original piece of artwork. With the registered version you can select fonts and colors for all parts of the calendar. You can also determine the order of the objects, enter image titles and descriptions, etc. A new feature makes it possible to apply special filters. 1-More PhotoCalendar allows you to scale your calendar to all formats supported by your printer. This includes special page sizes, portrait or landscape printing and even multiple page printing (if supported by the printer). Of course, the calendar can start on (almost) any date you want. This makes it possible to create birthday calendars, starting on a special day and ending exactly one year later (you may need thirteen pages; e.g. from Sept. 20.2003 until Sept. 19.2004 ) New features of version 1.50 New calendar format (provides space for handwritten notices) New frames and filters. Reset function for all element sizes. Printed copyright notice can be modified. Enhanced font dialog.


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