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Zilverline is what you could call a 'Reverse Search Engine': Zilverline is a search engine that offers web access to your personal or intranet content. Zilverline is a 'Lucene Desktop' comparable to Google Desktop, but based on Lucene. Zilverline supports collections: a set of files and directories in a directory. Zilverline extracts content from PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, RTF, txt, java, CHM as well as zip, rar, and many other archives. A collection can be indexed, and searched. The results of the search can be retrieved from local disk or Intranet. Files inside zip, rar, chm and other archives are extracted during indexing, and can be preserved for searches. Otherwise they are extracted 'on-the-fly'. You can store indexes and caches wherever you like, you could for instance store them on a DVD, as long as Zilverline (and your webserver) can access them. Indexes can be created incrementally as well as totally. Incremental indexes will pick up new files. It will not remove files from the index. The indexing proces can be scheduled to run automatically, see scheduling. Or you can use a SOAP webservice. If you supply a url with your collection, the search results will map to the url instead of the source. This allows you to retrieve your result hits from your webserver, instead of disk. Zilverline is internationalized (English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian and Dutch), and has support for skins (now three).

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