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The powerful program for the control of female health. Define the period the most suitable for conception or prevention of pregnancy. Write down detailed data about each day of yours menstrual cycle. Supervise weight, pressure and temperature by means of convenient schedules. Calculations of day of the ovulation in the different ways. Display to a calendar days of menstruation and ovulation. Opportunity to supervise the slightest fluctuations of weight. Displays quantity of days of a cycle. Switching-off of function of autocalculation at an irregular cycle. Allows to write down a condition of your health, basal temperature, weight, pressure / pulse and body temperature daily in detail. Deduces schedules for the period chosen by you (about one year). Opportunity of viewing on a calendar of all events of a diary. Shows a calendar for year with an opportunity of viewing of the future and the past periods. Displays the schedules chosen by you with statistical data. Counts and displays the forecast of the future cycles on the basis of the last periods. Allows to consider your sexual attitudes and to choose suitable days for sex.

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