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Basically the "Verse Popper" displays (pops up) bible verses in the lower right hand corner of your PC screen at configurable intervals. Currently the verse selection is random but I plan on adding many different options. Verse Popper History I wrote the Verse Popper a while ago because after reading the bible in the morning I found myself being bombarded by everything but God for the rest of the day! With bible verses popping up on my workstation every half hour or so it reminds me of God and what really matters. Installation and Download For this "beta 1" version of the Verse Popper, I am mainly looking for feedback, so please register so I can make improvements. With the release of beta 2 there will be more configuration options and hopefully a few more bibles to chose from. I will also publish the extensibility model for any fellow geeks out there that may want to code up some plugins ;^)


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