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Anonymous web surfing software to surf Internet anonymously. ProxyWay provides high Internet anonymity, guards your privacy, helps to optimize Internet surfing and speeds up web surfing by eliminating ads and popups. ProxyWay is anonymous web surfing software that makes you invisible to the web sites you visit: hides real IP (anonymous proxy surfing), changes computer information that is sent out by your web browser (User-Agent, Referrer), prevents scripts and Java applets from running without your knowledge, removes traces of computer and Internet activity. Using ProxyWay you can create proxy services with any number of proxy servers in the chain (supports HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5) to provide IP address security and tunnel Internet activity through proxy servers. ProxyWay is anonymous Internet surfing software that lets you change proxy services per time, per connection to ensure the absolute security; automatically stop or change service if the current service is marked as bad/slow; automatically determine and remove bad proxy servers, specify proxies to be used in proxy chains and much more. Proxy list can be easily updated, modified and checked. Ads and Popup blocking technology lets you block certain sites, immediately stop and kill annoying windows popups and eliminate ads making web surfing more enjoyable and convenient. ProxyWay (Cookies blocker) lets you create special rules to accept or reject cookies from certain web sites. So, you can prevent web sites you visit from knowing personal information about you and ensure anonymous surfing. ProxyWay supports a wide variety of web applications and most types of Internet protocols. ProxyWay lets you automatically automatically configure different browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Netscape) to use the program. You can use ProxyWay with any type of Internet connection. The program can be used as a simple gateway. ProxyWay supports conjunction with other proxy servers and firewalls.


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