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Onfolio is a PC app for collecting, organizing and sharing web research. Fully integrated with Microsoft IE and Office, Onfolio has tools for capturing web content, organizing your research, and publishing what you learn using documents and websites. COLLECT * Comprehensive Capture - Capture hyperlinks, Web pages, individual images, PDF documents, Microsoft Office documents, text snippets and files. * Commenting & Flags- Add comments and set flags for the items that you capture to record why you captured it and summarize the content. * Personal Notes - Write your own research notes and save them in your Onfolio collection along with your captured content. * Information Autocapture - When it's available, key data about the content that you capture is automatically saved including source URL, copyright, author, keywords and capture date. ORGANIZE * Multiple Research Collections - You can create multiple collections and any number of folders and nested folders within collections. * Convenient Collection Browsing - Easily browse the items you've captured in the Collection Explorer, which lets you quickly move between folders and sort items. * Fast Content Searching - Quickly search large collections with a full text search engine that makes it easy to find anything you've captured. SHARE * Report Publishing - Quickly and easily share the information that you capture by authoring MHT documents with Onfolio Publisher. MHT documents are Websites in a single file. They can easily embed items, and they can be viewed in IE. * Website Publishing - Publish your research in a Website, with selected links, comments and content that you've captured. Automatically, include an RSS feed as part of the output. * Email - Generate email messages with links and comments to send people selected information that you've captured. * Microsoft Office Integration - Access your collections and easily copy items into any Microsoft Office document in Word.


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