Gradebook 2.0 for Filemaker Pro 8v2

Information Management
Computer Information Databases


Brand new design that functions like a paper gradebook that supports up to 4 terms, a midterm and final exam and 5 definable categories. Terms 1 & 2 plus the mid-term exam are summarized under semester 1 and terms 3 & 4 plus final exam are summarized under semester 2. Each term, category and exam can be weighted by the user. The gradebook prints a variety of reports: student assignments, report cards, student transcripts, attendance (absences and tardiness), seating plan (with student photos: 36 seat layout may be changed on request) and course-section statistics (with bar graph) for all terms, semesters and year-to-date grades. Account Names with assignable Privileges (Admin or Teacher) control access to layouts and fields. An instruction guide is included to help the user get started. Version 2.0.10 added 16 sophisticated Search Queries to find 1st and 2nd Honors Academic and Core Values Awards for each term with a printable report for each of the 4 terms, plus a Detention Database, Lesson Planner and Field Trip Planner!


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