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No learning-curve. No limit on the planning numbers. Intuitive.Efficient.Time Saving.Money Saving. Planning staff & employee trip, travel, event, vacation, schedule, work, project, meeting, daily work, ... Are you still looking for a planner for yourself or your staffs or your employees? Need a planner to do planning for trip, travel, event, vacation, schedule, work, project, meeting, daily work, ...? Take a look at Employee Planner to do the planning right now! How many kinds of planning you can do? event planning project planning trip planning enterprise resource planning business planning business travel planning vacation planning personal planning meeting planning daily work planning room planning ... Take Employee Planner and do all planning. Intuitive chart It is so clear that you can know what the plans in a glance! Different color, different style for each planning and each staff. Two styles of Report You can print a chart report or a list report as you need. Get a good printed report in your hand. Networking Access Other users can open the same file you are now editing through networks with read only access. Task related Planning Each plan must be attached to a task which helps you to track and view your all plans for a specified task. Password Protection Each Employee Planner file (*.epf) can be set with an open password and a modify password. Keep your planning as secure as possible! Drag-And-Drop or Stretch to re-planning No need to re-enter the planning details, no need to delete then create a former one if you want to re-plan any plan. Just use your mouse to "Drag & Drop" and "Resize" to adjust the plan easily. Export to eight format popular data format Employee Planner can export to Text file (*.txt), SQL script file (*.sql), HTML file (*.htm), XML file (*.xml), Excel spreadsheet (*.xls), MS Windows clipboard, Rich Text format (*.rtf), Word format (*.doc)

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