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Call Graph is a simple call recording application for Skype. It automatically records your calls in an mp3 file and allows you to manage them. The call records are tagged with the name of your contact and they can be searched using these tags. A search GUI is provided. Tags can also be edited and changed as per requirements. Features: * Supported calls types o Skype to Skype o SkypeIn o SkypeOut o Conference Calls * Recording Modes o Automatic o Manual * Encoding Formats o Wav o MP3 * Wav Encoding Parameters o stereo, 16 KHz, 16 bits per sample * MP3 Parameters o Bit Rates: 32 to 256 Kbps o Sampling Rates: 8, 16, 22, 44.1, 48 KHz o Channels: Stereo (dual track), Mono (single track) * Filename formatting * Web 2.0 Style Advanced User Interface * Inbuilt Flash player for playback * Tagging, search, sort, filter capabilities * Uploading to Call Graph account * Transcript ordering * Sharing via Call Graph account * Annotation, add time coded notes to the recording * Live recording statistics * Lowpass and Highpass filters to cut off background noise * Speaker/Microphone activity indicators * Standalone voice recorder * Run at startup * Silent mode * Automatic updates * Skype 4.0 compatible

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