X, the Hyper Ball Demo

Arcade Style Games


In this Demo, you will have to challenge the Ice Lord. <br> Game features : <br>- A unique system of Hypershop where you can trade bonus between every level. thematic episodes of levels each.<br> 14 simple bonus (Telekinesy, Atom missile, etc.).<br>- 13 special bonus ( may be used at any time<br> - 9 different malus (Reverse X, Deathkiss, Crazyball, etc.).<br> - 30 different monsters with specific behaviours (agressive, kamikaze, malus bomber, etc.)<br> Elemental Lords at the end of every episode.<br> - 3 difficulty levels, adapted to all players and habilities.<br> - Total mouse control over the paddle and the interface.<br> Notice that every level will be a unique challenge in itself, requiring swift strategic decisions, and a real sense of ballistics.

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