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Four different word games are connected to a centralMenu. This program draws from the exuberant richness of Word Magic's dictionaries to drill you with synonyms, ortest you with your knowledge of your non-nativelanguage. A fun way to build your Word Power. Threelevels: Student, Professional and Doctorate. BothEnglish and Spanish. Single-word or phrases. It's proven that one of the best ways to learn is to have fun in a challenging and friendly learning environment. Words lend themselves especially to the sort of 'play' that stimulates the players andsharpens their skills. Word Magic's monolingual and bilingual platform provides an ideal arena for dueling wordsmiths of allages, playing alone or in teams. At center stage on that platform are the Word Magic Educational Games, Word Magic's innovative sparring partners for contenders of all skill levels. These informative and entertaining word games are sure to test and improve your command of Spanish and/or English vocabulary. A delightful collection of drilling exercises and puzzles in the form of games designed to entertain you, your children and anybody else that becomesaddicted to them. Highly educational. If you like words, if you like your own native language: English or Spanish, if you like to use your imagination, you will love this set of four Games.

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