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WordWinder is an innovative 3D puzzle word game that is easy to get into and hard to master. The idea of the game is simple - fill out the box structure with any words that fits to complete the level. Once a word has been accepted it can't be changed. Where the words cross the letter must be the same. To your help you can use any letter and write words from a large dictionary. You can also rotate the structure in 3D to see it from other angles. Each game consists of 15 levels selected from a large pool of handcrafted levels and are differently configured every time to ensure that each game is unique. Demo Version Features: - Play more than 20 FREE levels ranging from difficulty 1 to 10. Each level has many variations and solutions. - Relax with the untimed Thinker mode or turn up the heat with the Clock mode. - Beautiful hand-painted space interface and scrolling background. - Listen to comments from the quirky in-game commentator. The registered version brings you the following features and benefits: - A pool of more than 200 levels, ranging from difficulty 1 to 35! Each level has scores of variations and solutions limited only by a dictionary with more than 65,000 words. - Unlimited play that will last many, many hours. - More inspiring comments by the commentator. - Four unique scrolling space backgrounds. - Beginner, Adept, Expert and Master challenge levels. - Pulse mode. A brand NEW timed game mode not found in the demo, in which you will learn the true meaning of intense gameplay! - All advertisements removed! - Fullscreen mode. - FREE support and free access to any upcoming patches.

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