WJChess 3D

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- Included languages : english/french - Play in fog, at mountains or sea, select the source light - Zoom in and out, rotated board - 9 defined board views - Chess board with coordinates or not - 6 differents graphical chess board - Many pieces' colors - Replay the last computer's move - Replay mode for the moves played so far, whenever you want - Play in full screen or windowed mode - Display engine's search or not - You can stop the search - Coordinate of the square is shown under the mouse cursor - Play whith white or black side - You can take back moves - WJChess can suggest a move - Historic moves can be displayed or not - Import/Export a FEN position - Auto saved options - Engine's rating : 2159 ELO - Opening book with more than 2000 lines - The chess engine includes all chess rules : 50 moves rule, "en passant" capture, 3 fold repetitions, promote, under-promote... - Level : blitz, tournament, fixed depth or time - Help file with chess rules


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