Time Command

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Time Command takes you through several different periods of time in which you protect Time Orbs from a villain named Draconius. Your enemy has control of the most powerful animals, people, and weapons of each of these time periods and will use it all to defeat you. This game gives you a unique overhead perspective with play control that can only be compared as a cross between a shooter and missile command. In the full game you will face enemies from T-rex's and raptors to a roman army and a giant Pegasus to submarines and a naval fleet to renegade cowboys in the Wild West and etc. The full game also includes several fun and humorous bonus levels where you become an ostrich, a mosquito, a baseball pitcher, a sheep herder w/ a shot gun, a penguin, and more; each having a unique and challenging mission. Several different power-ups from rapid fire to landmines to shields to screen clearing blasts keep this game fun and challenging. Try the shareware version which places you in the medieval era giving you powerful wizards who you will use to try and fend off knights, the living dead, and several other enemies including a huge fire-breathing dragon!

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