Thermopylae Online

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Thermopylae Online is a free two player turn based strategy game covering the famous battle where 300 Spartans led a small Greek force vs a massive Persian army. The Thermopylae Online software is free to download and all players may sign up for free accounts which allow for participation in up to four games on an ongoing basis. Thermopylae Online is free because its web page elements are supported via banner advertisements, plus for very active players Enhanced Membership packages that raise your total number of ongoing game credits are available. Thermopylae Online games are saved on the Guild of Blades servers so games may be played in a single setting or over the course of many days, depending on the schedules of the two players. Unique bidding process at game sign up determines which faction you play and the number of Persian units the Greek player must defeat during the battle in order to achieve victory.

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