The adventure of Raken and Miku

Arcade Style Games


Raken and Miku is the story of a bird and a worm, who are brought together to reach thier goal. Which is to have the lost treasure of Adenia grant their wishes to them. Raken, the young bird is too young to fly so he wishes to learn how. Miku, the worm just can't grasp the technique of digging, so he wishes to learn how to. Help these two unlikely companions to conquer 4 huge worlds. Destroy the enmies, and stay aware, some of them may aid you in your quest. Can you find the treasue and prevent Raken and Miku from killing each other? Feature in game movies, Intro movie, save/load options, and much much more! NOTE: The game requires you to run it in 640x480 with color depth of 16bit, the game dose take a pretty long time to load, but it's definately worth it! You can contact the author at since the email in the help file is no longer valid

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