Sweet Sol

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Sweet Sol is a collection of challenging and addictive Solitaire games with an easy-to-use interface. Many old favorites are included, such as: Klondike, Canfield, 40 Thieves, 4 Corners, Spider, FreeCell, 3 Shuffles and a Draw, Seahaven Towers, Beleaguered Castle, Calculation, Golf, Pyramid, Red and Black, Osmosis, Scorpion, Sir Tommy, and Yukon, plus lots more. In fact, the current release of Sweet Sol includes over 100 different Solitaires -- enough for players to be able to try a different Solitaire every week for two full years! With its extensive Help system, as well as a whole host of features that allow players to customize nearly every detail, there's enough here to provide enjoyable and satisfying game-playing experiences for a long time to come. Check it out!


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