Super Roco Bros 3D

3D Action Games


Welcome to Super Roco Bros 3D. You take control of Roco Roco a hot-dog chef who has been transported into another dimension in search of his older brother and long time buisness partner Pepe Roco. It all began a few days back... Roco was waking up and getting ready to go to work at his Hotdog stall, it seemed like just any other normal work day Roco thought to himself, but then he arrived at his hot-dog stall only to find himself in shear amazement, Pepe was absent without prior notice! How could this be? He thought to himself, Pepe never missed a day off work in the last 20 odd years (it was hard enough for both Roco and Pepe to manage at work by themselves anyway!). By this time Roco started to panic only to notice a small unopened envelope by his stand adressed to a Mr R. Roco. The envelope contained a small note and as Roco began to read, this is what the note read:- "Greetings Mr Roco Roco I am Lord Peano, ruler of the land of Gorbash and king to it's inhabitants. For many years I have searched for the secret of the hotdog but my efforts were in vain. Now though I have your brother and it is only a matter of time before I shall have the secret in my mighty grasp". Thrown into a world that should never have been, Roco must now rescue his brother from a fate worse than death.

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