Soldiers of Empires

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June, 22 , 1941. In Your hands - the fate of the war on the Eastern front. Will german tanks thunder on their treads over the paved stone of the Kremlin? Or will russian soldiers be drinking vodka on the ruins of Berlin? It all depends on your talent as a military leader... The "SoE" engine combines full player control for each of the many hundreds of divisions while maintaining easy gameplay with help computer AI ! The "SoE" engine gives you the chance to change history, by controlling armies of hundreds of divisions across vast territories! The "SoE" engine gives you the historical realism! Features: Huge map ( 360*330 cells). A maximum of 1590 units. 145 different types division and brigades. 363 realistically modeled WWII combat vehicles. Highly sophisticated AI. Easily controlled production of combat vehicles. Historical correlation of power. The possibility to use trophy combat vehicles.

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