Mario's Balls

Arcade Style Games


This game is a close relative of the famous office puzzle game Lines. You are helping Mario to clear the color balls from the board. But the rules are quite different. First, you are playing on the hexagonal board, which drastically changes the nature of the game - the balls can move in three directions giving you more freedom. Second, you can arrange balls into various patterns, not only straight lines as it used to be before. The more elaborate is the figure - the more points you get. You can try to build up complex combinations, and keep the board empty by removing the simpler ones in the meantime. Therefore, there may be different strategies of playing and scoring points. You can decide on the fly whether the newly appearing balls are allowed to finish the patterns (to prevent them from messing up your constructions). Main features of the game: 1) new shapes for board and the cells that form it ; 2) major rule change - now you can put the balls in the various patterns to remove them ; 3) gradually increasing skill level, even kids will have fun playing; 4) save your best results on hard disk, and take part in the top players contest on the Web ; 5) Personal Edition available on request. More information is available on the home page.


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