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LOGIC GAMES FOR KIDS provides fifteen programs that challenge a child's thinking skills. The programs are aimed at Grades K through 8, but can be enjoyed by all. Each program in LOGIC GAMES FOR KIDS has a number of playing options to provide a large variety of game situations.CONCENTRATION is the classic card game where you search for matching pairs of cards.SIMON SAYS is an echo game that challenges memory skills-- repeat patterns of colors, shapes, or pictures.CODEBREAKER asks you to decipher a multi-color code using clues from the computer.BUILD A WALL asks you (and another player or the computer) to take turns adding blocks to a wall trying to complete it.JELLY BEANS lets you (and a friend or the computer) take turns removing beans from a jar and the one who takes the last bean loses!AWARI is an ancient African pebbles-in-pits game. Logical planning skills are needed to collect pebbles from the pits.DROP FOUR requires that you try to line up four basketballs or soccer balls by dropping them down a vertical playing grid.ROW OF FIVE is a challenge to line up five markers in a row on a checker board. Play against the computer (different difficulties) or a friend.REVERSE is a classic computer game. By trapping your opponent's playing pieces, they reverse color and become your pieces. The one with the most pieces at the end of the game wins.CHECKERS is the old-time favorite against a computer opponent. The computer isn't so smart that it can't be beat.SLIDER PUZZLE is the classic puzzle where you arrange sliding tiles in order on a playing board.TWISTER PUZZLE is a two-dimensional version of Rubik's cube.STAR PUZZLE asks you to jump pieces on a star board to end up with certain results.PEG PUZZLE is a 'diner' favorite. You jump pegs on a cross-shaped board removing each jumped peg - the goal is to match one of many patterns.ACEY-DEUCEY is a fun card game that's been around since the earliest computers.

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