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Lexitron is a puzzle word game which uniquely combines elements of Hangman, Mastermind and Mine Sweeper. Use logical deduction and a strong vocabulary to solve each puzzle. Puzzles are generated randomly from a list of over 7500 common knowledge words for a virtually unlimited number of different puzzles. Lexitron generates a puzzle by first randomly selecting a single, master word which serves as the puzzle's spine. This word is placed on the board vertically indicated by the blue column on the puzzle board. It then selects words which have at least one letter in common with the master word. The location of this common letter determines the word's placement on the puzzle board. Surrounding the puzzle board are letter count indicators which tell you how may duplicate letters each word contains and also how many letters the selected word has in common with the words directly above and below it, so you're not completely in the dark. As you enter each of your guesses, Lexitron will indicate which letters are correct by displaying the letters in three colors: Yellow for incorrect - Red for correct letter but wrong positon - Green for correct letter and correct position. Except for the blue column which will not change color until all of its letters are correct. This means you may not always be certain that you've solved a word correctly until the puzzle is complete. With a little deductive reasoning, and a good vocabulary, you can race the clock solving Lexitron's puzzles. Time is kept for both game time and individual word time so you can assess your performance at the end of each game.

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