League Scoring

Sports Scoring and Tracking Tools


The League Scoring software program is downloaded from the home page of this web site to the league manager's computer. The manager enters the league rules and players' scores into the computer. After previewing the results on screen, the manager clicks on File / Post to Internet from within the program and the scores are available to everyone when they access the LeagueScoring.com web site. The program may be used for free if the handicaps and points are manually computed and entered into the program. Payment of the user license fee ($20 six month, or $35 yearly per league, $30 & $55 Canadian), enables the automatic calculation of handicaps and points. Mailing information for the license fee and your league's unique ID number is available from File / Post to Internet from within the League Scoring software program. To get there, dowload the program, enter at least one test player and one round and then click on the post to the internet function. After you have defined your league in this way, the program can generate a unique ID number for you to write on the license fee check. This test data can be changed to an actual player and round when league play starts. After payment is received, the league is flaged as paid and the next time the league is posted to the internet the calculations for handicaps and points are enabled. This program will reduce the time spent by league managers in computing handicaps, determining final results and answering phone calls from league members. All league members can view the posted results on LeagueScoring.com instead of calling the league manager.


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