LX Episode 1

Arcade Style Games


LX Episode 1, is a retro-style non-scrolling shooter. If you're hungry for retrogaming action, then this is the game for you! The Story: The rumor of the 10th planet on a perpendicular orbit with Earth turns out to be real. Earth sends 3 astronauts to see what this "phantom planet" holds. After a brief communications disruption, the astronauts come back on the screen, obviously posessed by some outside force, telling the Earth to prepare for enslavement. When Earth decides to retaliate, the aliens start to bomb major earth cities. Unknown to them is the top secret research facility Area 51, they create a prototype air/spacecraft, and you're chosen to pilot it. Think you have what it takes to blast through 32 levels in 4 cities each with their own boss mothership to destroy? Well then step up!

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