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Child's mind development usually develops after the age of 1, the child judgment appears on how things are going on rather than parents logic. New software Toddler Educational and Game Software that develops learning abilities in the child which has reached and presents the concept accordingly. This is the software designed that helps your child to learn before they join school. By such software a child learn to articulate reasons and construct arguments when she gradually develops the ability to think mathematically. Points shown that gives benefits to your child by this software:- 1) Software that helps motivates your child to do the activities on screen. 2) A child may not be able to understand the difference between ball and a stone, not able to articulate it but this software build an idea in a child a difference between both. 3) This software teaches them to learning concepts which help them to increase self confidence and their capability to think and learn independently. 4) They even become obsessed with the approach of one correct answer which gives ability to learn more. 5) Makes child to abstract concepts. 6) This software helps child to develop fundamental skills. 7) Gets good computer skills right from the early age. 8) By this software a child can easily able to count the numbers. This software includes:- 1) Multimedia games and puzzles. 2) Voice synthesizer which generates and modifies sounds electronically. 3) Weekly automatic spelling check is done in this software and grades are given on their progress. 4) Games on words spelling are found in this software so your child can learn the spelling. 5) Easy to use software with graphical designs and helps to bring confidence in your toddler. 6) Teaches nodes of each alphabet by music notations. 7) Audio-visual learning concepts are designed in this software.

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