KChess Advance

Board Games
  • Developer: Rob McDonell, ARK ANGLES
  • Home page: hnttp
  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 1.08 MB
  • Download


KChess Elite lets you take complete control of your chess game, with plenty of features for beginners and experts alike to increase their skill and add to the enjoyment of chess. Play the computer or another opponent, even by e-mail. Get help from the tip of the day, on screen narration, and computer analysis. Set board layouts, time limits and playing strength, play a named opening, save and restore games in PGN and other formats, and add comments. Try variations with a single mouse click. Print board layouts and move lists. There are dozens of other options to customize the appearance and operation of the game. Includes 12 piece sets, 20 figurine fonts, extensive help with glossary, and bonus screen saver.

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