June 22, Enemy At The Gates

Strategy Games


Tanks Are At The Gates Again. Throngs of enemy armour are spreading in your sector while your single tank is everything that stands between the enemy armada and your HQ... This game is a real gift for all the old-school fans of Battlecity and its clones, as it incorporates all the features of the the original title, adding some new and really good ones. First at all, the game is rendered in a full 3D with a possibility to tilt your camera to get a better viewpoint. Note that your tank turns smoothly, so the various ambush tactics can be implemented. All the original levels of the Battlecity are present in the game, plus alot of new ones are added. The terrain itself is colored in several different landscapes and is visually variable. Moreover, the terrain type influence the game process: both your and enemy tanks move slower in the desert, and while on the snow you may experience difficulties controlling your tank. But, despite the number of improvements, the essence of the game remained the same - be quick, sharp and decisive while destroying your enemies. Use the number of upgrades like additional armor and improved gun, or powerful battlefield features like freezing off your enemies or raising concrete wall around your HQ. Finally, if you feel the game is too hard for yourself, you may invite your friend and play the game together on the same screen. Feautures: • 3D-rendered battlefield with adjustable camera position • Smooth targeting adds new flavour to the old game • 4 enemy tank types • 6 possible upgrades • 4 terrain types • several different landscape styles (barren lands, snowfields and urban ruins) that alter tanks' characteristics • Play the game in the cooperative mode along with your friend on the same computer • 35 classical levels from original game could be revisited • 50 absolutely levels designed especially for June 22-EatG

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